About Green Card Back

About Green Card Back

Green Card Back is your source of high-quality content on the stories and toys that make the Star Wars universe a better place.

Star Wars is incredible.

George Lucas created something truly magical when he brought his intergalactic saga to the cinema screens, and it’s a world that has lived on through film, books, comics and computer games ever since. For many of us, it’s also about the toys. Star Wars action figures have been an integral part of the experience since 1977, and thanks to the Vintage Collection and the Black Series that’s still the case today.

It’s this collected cornucopia of greatness that Green Card Back is here to celebrate.

Forget the excess of negativity and toxic positivity that pollutes much of the fandom – Green Card Back is all about creating a Star Wars fansite for a more civilised age. Here we focus on the toys, the TV, the films and the fans that have made Star Wars so great for so long.

If you love Star Wars more for the timeless story than the geek culture cred, then you’ll probably like what we do here. Keep checking back for news and reviews along with in-depth articles and features all about that galaxy far, far away.

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About JOEB1

Getting Star Wars on VHS kickstarted four-year-old Joe’s obsession with the world of George Lucas. That obsession has inspired everything since, from his profession as a filmmaker to his life as a toy collector and blogger.

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