Bossk’s Bounty Launches #BackTVC Campaign

Bossk’s Bounty Launches #BackTVC Campaign

11/05/2020 0 By JoeB1

The future of the Star Wars Vintage Collection is in doubt – leading Star Wars collector Bossk’s Bounty to launch a fan campaign to #BackTVC.

Last week, members of the Hasbro Star Wars team participated in Q&A sessions with various collector sites. During the interviews, in which the participating fansites were able to ask four questions each, it became clear that the future of the 3.75″ action figure line is far from certain.

Hasbro’s answers caused some concern amongst the collecting community, many of whom consider the 3.75″ line to be the main Star Wars action figure product. Bantha Skull ran an excellent op-ed on the situation, which you can read here.

In light of this, Tim, better known as the collector behind Bossk’s Bounty, has launched the #BackTVC campaign and asked fans to use the hashtag to share their support for the 3.75″ line on social media.

It might be a small step, but at the very least it could help fans to coalesce around a single statement of support for the line.

He also marked the campaign launch by posting an open letter to Hasbro. In the letter, Tim states:

“Hasbro’s track record has proven that you can produce amazing items for the Vintage Collection; however, the worrying part of the answer was around quantity. I am sure I am not alone in being more than a little disappointed with just 12 figures, split into 4 waves for 2020 (plus 2 reissue fan channel waves). Within these 12 figures, 3 of which are repacks leaving only 9 new figures for the year. I hope you agree that this isn’t enough to satisfy collectors and to keep the interest in the line alive.”

“2019 seemed so promising with some great figures, vehicles, and a playset. It just would have been great to build on that momentum and deliver even more this year.”

It’s a well-written letter that outlines the problem and proposes solutions in a professional manner. I recommend you give it a read if you haven’t already.

So How Can Hasbro Reach Their Market?

Tim’s proposed solution of ensuring The Vintage Collection is available through fan channels and specialist retailers, much like the Black Series Archive waves, is seemingly supported by online retailer Dork Side Toys.

A forum user who appears to represent the site posted the following over at Rebelscum:

“As a fan I agree with you and I’m equally frustrated by the limited number of new releases. We all want more TVC. As a company we sell far more TVC than we do Black Series. And it’s honestly not even close.”

“I also agree that for the limited amount of SKUs per year that Hasbro offers, they are not meeting the demand for TVC. On waves that have new characters Hasbro’s forecasted production numbers need to increase significantly. But Hasbro will not significantly increase production numbers on TVC without commitments from their largest retail partners.”

During the Q&As, a Hasbro representative stated that The Vintage Collection does not fit their 6″ focused business model. Yet with the recent success of the Haslab Sail Barge and amazing releases such as the Jabba’s Palace playset, that approach feels like putting the cart before the horse. And that’s before considering the Dork Side Toys post.

If Hasbro decides to end the 3.75″ scale then it will be a shame, but it is their prerogative. In that scenario, I know that myself and many other collectors would no longer collect new Star Wars figures. That would be sad, but all things come to an end eventually.


Yet right now the future of the franchise looks brighter than it has done for years, thanks to The Mandalorian and other outcomes of the course correction going on at Lucasfilm. With some exciting new content on the horizon, it would be disappointing for those of us who have been collecting for decades to be shut out of the game.

For that reason, I’m going all-in to support Bossk’s Bounty and the #BackTVC campaign.

At the very least, it gives the community an opportunity to present a united front. Hopefully the campaign can do more than that, and perhaps lead to a constructive, productive dialogue between the fans, online retailers and Hasbro on the future of the 3.75″ line.

Is that outcome unlikely? Perhaps, but it’s worth a shot. After all, rebellions collections are built on hope.