Boba Fett Vintage Collection Review

Boba Fett Vintage Collection Review

30/04/2021 0 By JoeB1

The Vintage Collection (VC186), 2021

Accessories: Blaster Rifle, Jet Pack
Appears in: Return of the Jedi

There’s just something about Boba Fett, isn’t there?

From the original vintage figure through to the original POTF2 lineup (second wave, but you know what I mean), Fett made a habit of being a stand-out action figure in a Star Wars toy line.

Well, at least up until he didn’t. Recent years haven’t been so great for 3.75″ scaled Fetts, a handful of pretty decent 5POA figures aside. Which is what has made the Vintage Collection VC186 Boba Fett release such a stunning return to form.

How stunning? Watch the video review already and find out! 😜

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