Fought in the Clone Wars

Fought in the Clone Wars

16/05/2017 0 By JoeB1

The Vintage Collection Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars) figure goes down as my favourite SA rendition of pre-Vader. It’s colourful, well-articulated, and matches how I always imagined the Anakin of the Clone Wars to look – like a genuine space knight. Of course, it helps that the Clone Wars series did a lot to expand Anakin’s character, making him more likeable and far more the kind of person we imagined when Ben Kenobi described him as a friend.

That makes this Vintage Collection figure even more special. Being a realistic take on a cartoon aesthetic it instantly places an EU touch into our film dominated collections. For sure, this Anakin Skywalker is a version of the popular cartoon hero – but in this guise, it also represents my imagination and my personal hopes and dreams for the Prequels.

That’s where the films and the Clone Wars work so richly for me. We were given the start of the war, the end, and all the toys that we needed to fill in the blanks. If I had been 15 years younger from 2002 – 2005 my imagination and I would have had a blast.

Nowadays I’m less enamoured with filling out my living space with troopers and war machines. But still, when the mood takes me and I get gripped by imagining Lucas’ saga once again, I’ll always happily settle for toy photography.

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