Han Solo (Hoth) – Retro Collection Review

Han Solo (Hoth) – Retro Collection Review

19/08/2020 0 By JoeB1

Retro Collection, 2020

Accessories: Blaster Pistol
Appears In: The Empire Strikes Back

Card Back: The Star Wars Retro Collection is inspired by 1980s Star Wars figures and features original figure design and detailing! Continue your collection from the galaxy far, far away!

Hasbro could have gone one of two ways when it came to representing Han Solo in the Retro Collection for The Empire Strikes Back.

The former smuggler spends the vast majority of the film in his “Bespin” outfit, and it would have made equal sense to re-release that version. However, thanks to the long-running debate about the colour of his coat, Han Solo (Hoth) is the more iconic toy. When you consider that the blue coat/brown coat question even got the subtlest of references in The Force Awakens, the decision to re-release this version of Han makes more sense.

On a personal level, I’m glad this is the route that Hasbro took. Solo in his winter gear was the only version of the Rebel hero I had as a kid (at least before POTF2), and my beaten up, weaponless figure accompanied Chewbacca, Leia, and Luke on adventures all around the house, the garden, and wherever else. With memories like that, I was set on picking this figure up at retail from the moment it was announced.

So, the nostalgia factor is strong. But what about the figure itself?

The figures for The Empire Strikes Back were a step forward from those released for A New Hope, and of the two Retro Collection Han Solo toys released so far this is hands-down the best. The proportions are spot-on, with Han’s wear providing an appropriate level of bulkiness.

The sculpted details on the coat and upper body are a bit soft, which is a charge I’ve seen a few people level against the Retro Collection as a whole. But then his belt, holster, trousers and boots all have a sharper sculpt. This, along with the decent sculpting of his head and visor, pulls the figure together.

Paint apps wise, the Retro Collection Han Solo (Hoth) is basic but well done. His blue jacket, khaki trousers and boots, and off-white highlights go together well. His face is a very bright pink, although that’s probably due to the newness of the figure. Finally, his sculpted features and finely-painted eyes mean you don’t have to squint too hard to imagine this as a 3.75” Harrison Ford.

Well, for the time, at least.

At 5POA the articulation is what you already know and love with a swivel neck, shoulders, and waist. Han can turn his head, point his blaster with his right arm, wave down patrolling Snowspeeders with his left arm, and he can also sit down. That is very much it.

Finally, on the accessory count Han comes with his trusty blaster pistol. It appears almost identical to the version that came with the first wave Han except this one only has one hole on the body rather than two. I wouldn’t want to speculate what that difference means (or indeed if it even means anything at all).

Ultimately, what else is there to say? Han Solo (Hoth) was part of an iconic toyline when it was first released 40 years ago. This re-release is a faithful rendition and a tremendous nostalgia fix for those of us that experienced the figure in our childhoods; for anyone else, it’s an interesting curio at best.

If the former definition applies to you, then I recommend picking up the Retro Collection Han Solo (Hoth) as soon as you safely can.