Mando Mondays Vintage Collection Spotlight

Mando Mondays Vintage Collection Spotlight

27/10/2020 0 By JoeB1

Remember when Hasbro said that the Star Wars Vintage Collection was going to come back in a big way? Well, they weren’t fooling around.

For yesterday’s “Mando Monday” celebration ahead of the second season of The Mandalorian, the big H pulled out all the stops to support Lucasfilm’s flagship series in the classic 3.75″ scale. As reveals go there was a lot of great-looking stuff on display, meaning there’s a lot to get through – so let’s crack on, shall we?

Mando Mondays: Vintage Collection

The big reveals for the day were the single-carded Vintage Collection Moff Gideon and The Armorer. Both look absolutely fantastic, and after the briefest deliberation I put down pre-orders for the pair.

These were followed up with the “build-up pack” Din Djarin and the Child. This is an ace looking two-pack featuring Mando in his battle-worn Beskar armour, the Child, and a host of accessories including his rocket pack, his camtomo (AKA ice cream maker – if you know, you know), the Client’s stash of Beskar, and what appears to be a replacement head featuring Pedro Pascal’s likeness.

The biggest reveal of the day (in a literal sense) was the first show of the painted HasLab Razor Crest. This beast looks absolutely mighty. We also got a good look at the exclusive “clean” Beskar-adorned Mando and the Child’s pram. Both look ace.

If you’re in the UK and happy to drop £350 for the ship, you can do so right here.

HasLab Razor Crest | Green Card Back

The Mandalorian Retro Collection

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was highly dubious about the Retro Collection when it was first announced. Over time I relented and eventually ended up getting a few wave one and now (almost completely) wave two. The nostalgia helps, for sure. But as the line moved on to The Empire Strikes Back I became intrigued by the opportunity to own the figures that had a near-mythic reputation.

Anyway. Being more on-board with the Retro Collection has made the reveal of retro-styled Mandalorian figures a little easier to take, but I still found the actual reveal underwhelming. It’s one thing to remake old figures, but another thing entirely to deliberately make bad figures – which the Retro Collection Mandalorian wave skirts a little too close to.

The Mandalorian - Retro Collection | Green Card Back

If Hasbro had used Return of the Jedi style soft goods rather than vinyl, the figures would look much better. It’s clearly Hasbro skimping on the budget and it was a bad decision, but what can we do?

For all my complaints, I know my own track record and so put in three pre-orders with the following rationale:

  • The Mandalorian: Because the vinyl cape can be replaced with custom soft goods
  • The Child: Because the Vintage Collection version can use the pram
  • IG-11: Because it looks cool. Sue me.

If you want to pre-order any of the above-listed figures (except the Razor Crest, which you can only find at Zavvi) then check out In Demand Toys, Star Action Figures and Comics & Cocktails. Stocks seem to be much more plentiful in recent times, so hopefully you too can have a happy hunt!

The Mandalorian returns to Disney+ this Friday, October 30th. Fantastic little birthday treat for yours truly there – thank you, Disney!