Incredible Tantive IV Playset Revealed

Incredible Tantive IV Playset Revealed

21/08/2020 0 By JoeB1

For today’s “Fan First Friday” streaming event Hasbro went all out with one of their best reveals in years – a modular Tantive IV playset for the Vintage Collection. Available for pre-order now, the 3.75” scaled display piece recreates the corridors of the famous blockade runner spaceship first glimpsed in the opening of A New Hope.

On one side it portrays the hallway through which Darth Vader makes his dramatic entrance. Spin it around and you get the corridor where Princess Leia records her famous message for Obi-Wan Kenobi.

That’s two iconic moments from cinema history, let alone just Star Wars – making this an absolute must-have for any collection.

As a cutaway diorama piece, a single playset will look great on the shelf. However, with Hasbro building in modular functionality, we can add multiples of the playset together to create different configurations. 

Whether you want a double-sided hallway, a maze of tunnels, or just one really long corridor, the options are there. Yet unlike the recent Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber, a single Tantive IV playset will absolutely work on its own.

A pack-in carded Rebel Fleet Trooper further sweetens the deal. This figure commands a high price on the secondary market (and I’ve been continually looking for a fairly priced one for a while) so it’s a most-welcome repack.

Vintage Collection Rogue One Rebel Fleet Trooper | Green Card Back

Darth Vader, Hondo Onaka & More

Hasbro pointed out that the Tantive IV playset also works for *that scene* from Rogue One. That makes sense visually but also in the context of their other new reveal for the Vintage Collection line – a new Rogue One Darth Vader figure. 

The figure doesn’t look amazing – the soft goods cape and plastic skirt clash and just look wrong together. But I must say that it looks fantastic on the card.

I don’t know what’s going on but the Mandalorian, K-2SO, and now Vader all look great on the card; so much so that I’ve even caught myself considering buying doubles for display. Now that is a slippery slope!

Finally, we also had the official reveal of the Vintage Collection Hondo Ohnaka. Modeled on Hondo’s Galaxy’s Edge appearance, this is a single version of the figure from the new Millennium Falcon release.

There were a few other reveals as well. These included some well-presented box sets of modern 5POA figures from across the saga, a few 6” figures, and some pretty cool looking role play lightsabers. 

But for those of us who collect (and back) the Vintage Collection, and for all the collectors that have wanted modular playsets for years, Hasbro has delivered in spades with the Tantive IV.

Pre-order yours from In Demand Toys while you still can!