Battlefront II Giving Away Double XP to the End of March

Battlefront II Giving Away Double XP to the End of March

19/03/2020 0 By JoeB1

Hey there, Star Wars fan. Are you stuck in self-isolation? Well, DICE is giving you a great way to still be productive with your time…

The developer is offering double-XP on Star Wars: Battlefront II until March 27th, giving all of us a chance to level up our characters while still doing our bit to slow the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Ben Walke, the game’s community manager, confirmed the bonus on Twitter after being tagged in a Reddit conversation about games studios doing just that.

“We’re turning on x2 Experience in Star Wars Battlefront II up until March 27, and then it’ll be a x3 Experience weekend”, he tweeted.

“People are stuck at home. We can’t change the world but we can make their gaming a little more enjoyable.”

All in all, it’s great news from a game that’s continued to get better and better since release.

These are crazy times. I hope that all of you out there reading this (and your family and loved ones) are keeping well. Stay in, stay safe – and I’ll see you on the battlefield.