Star Wars: Squadrons Officially Launched!

Star Wars: Squadrons Officially Launched!

15/06/2020 0 By JoeB1

Following hot on the heels of last week’s shenanigans, EA has today dropped the launch trailer for new game Star Wars: Squadrons

Looks interesting, wouldn’t you say? Here’s EA’s launch blurb:

Buckle up, take full control of starfighters such as the X-wing and TIE fighter, and feel the adrenaline of strategic first-person 5v5 multiplayer dogfights alongside your squadron.

In a fateful campaign set near the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War, learn what it means to be a pilot in a thrilling STAR WARS™ single-player story. The New Republic fights for freedom. The Empire demands order. We need you to join the galaxy’s finest.

Showing that they may have learned a thing or two from the Battlefront II launch, EA said that Star Wars: Squadrons is “a fully self-contained experience from day one, where you earn rewards through play.”

“Climb the ranks and unlock new components like weapons, hulls, engines, shields, and cosmetic items in a clear path for progression that keeps gameplay fresh and engaging.”

We are definitely intrigued.

Following last week’s snafu, EA Star Wars Twitter posted new promo images for the game:

The trailer and launch info confirms the Original Trilogy focus, which suits me fine. It’s nice to see Wedge Antilles, Hera Syndulla and a Mon Calamari who may or may not be Admiral Ackbar all make an appearance.

All I gotta say is that if they want pilots, they’ve got it. Let’s just hope they deliver on the gameplay.

Star Wars: Squadrons is available October 2, 2020 on PlayStation4, Xbox One, Origin PC, Steam, Epic Games Store, and Virtual Reality (VR) on PlayStation 4 and PC with cross-play support.