Star Wars: Squadrons Revealed (Kind Of)

Star Wars: Squadrons Revealed (Kind Of)

12/06/2020 0 By JoeB1

The title and promo art for the next EA Star Wars video game has been revealed: Star Wars: Squadrons.

The reveal occurred when a banner ad went live on the official US Xbox site – before EA or Lucasfilm had officially announced the game.

With the game looking very much to be about X-Wings vs TIE Fighters, there’s fair speculation that this might be the rumoured “Project Maverick”.

Star Wars: Squadrons Banner from | Green Card Back

The banner has since been taken down from both the US and international versions of the site, so I have no idea where the “Pre-Order Now” button would have led. But it’s reassuring to see that the promo materials are this close to launching.

Hopefully, we’ll see some official news coming out in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned for more updates as they arrive!

Star Wars: Squadrons Revealed – Let’s Speculate

As a lifelong fan of anything X-Wing related, Star Wars: Squadrons looks like it might be my kind of computer game.

The most obvious thing to take from the art is the Original Trilogy focus.

With the equal weighting given to both the X-Wing and TIE pilots, I’m hoping this means we can fight on both sides, much like X-Wing VS TIE Fighter (still the greatest Star Wars gaming experience in my book, but I digress).

With Disney keeping a distance from the Prequels, it doesn’t surprise me that we’re not seeing N-1 Starfighters versus Vulture Droids. That said, it’s also *slightly* surprising to not see any Sequel-era ships on display.

The Sequel battles on Battlefront II are some of the most fun in the game for me, and I’ve no doubt that if the gameplay of Star Wars: Squadrons works, it’ll be satisfying to play in any era.

After all, I can fly anything! 😉

News originally reported on Star Wars Unity.