Welcome to GreenCardBack.com

Welcome to GreenCardBack.com

01/04/2020 0 By JoeB1

After five and a half years – a long time by any blog’s standards – it’s time for Green Card Back to get serious. That’s why it’s with huge pride that today marks the official launch of GreenCardBack.com.

Since late-2014, Green Card Back has grown and improved as it’s charted the ever-changing fortunes of the Star Wars franchise. Now, with the sequel trilogy finally over, the time is right to upgrade the site. Here’s hoping you agree that it’s a big improvement!

The Future of GreenCardBack.com

Going forward, you can expect to see:

  • Regular 3.75″ figure news and reviews
  • Regular media news and reviews (with a focus on film and TV content)
  • A focus on Battlefront II, Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars gaming in general

All delivered with the same quality-led approach that’s underpinned the site from the very beginning.

The addition of Disqus comments, something I’ve wanted to add for a while, will make it easier for you to engage and keep track of conversations. Meanwhile, improvements to the site structure and navigation will make it easier for you to find the content that you’re looking for.

Finally, I’m opening the site up to other creators. If you have a way with words and an affinity for the force, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch here to start the conversation.

Here’s to building a Star Wars fandom for a more civilised age.