YouTuber Gives Star Wars Music a Medieval Twist

YouTuber Gives Star Wars Music a Medieval Twist

10/08/2020 0 By JoeB1

A long, long time ago, in a kingdom not so far from here…

YouTuber Samuel Kim, who specialises in creating cinematic music for various properties, has given us all something we didn’t know we needed and created a playlist of “Epic Medieval Style” Star Wars covers. These songs recreate John William’s classic scores as if for the Tudor court, and it’s unlike anything you’ve heard before…

It’s a world at once familiar and brand new, fresh and old-fashioned. It’s also yet another example of how amazing the Star Wars fandom can be at its best.

Kim’s work touches on every era: the films, Clone Wars, The Mandalorian – even the old expanded universe gets a nod. Even where it appears there’s no representation (i.e. the Disney sequels), listen closely – the Ahch-To Island tune makes its way gracefully into Kim’s arrangement of The Force Theme.

Given that they’re in a medieval-style you might be thinking that these tunes are peaceful. In fact, they’re anything but.

The roaring drums and rhythmic percussion gives Duel of the Fates and The Clones Theme a battle-cry quality, while the sheer volume at times borders on wall-of-sound.

Yet the epic scale of the tunes doesn’t detract from the artisanship of Williams’ originals. Kim’s take on the Imperial March captures the melodic playfulness through the interplay of dizzying flutes and plucked strings. In a similar feat, the escalated melodies of Grievous and the Droids make it much easier to hear how fun Williams’ original tune was.

There’s no doubt that these won’t be for everyone. But for those of us who listen to John Williams’ scores day in day out, it makes a refreshing change to hear something so radically different yet respectful to the source material.

Interested in hearing more? Check out Samuel Kim’s full Medieval Star Wars music playlist.