The Rogue One Trailer is Here!

The Rogue One Trailer is Here!

05/06/2016 0 By JoeB1

I know everyone on this site will have seen it already, but here’s the latest trailer for the upcoming Rogue One

So, at least as far as we can gather, the Rogue One reshoots are to make sure that the film has a smoother tonal fit with A New Hope and to add more scenes with an existing character from the series.

These are both fair reasons for a franchise film (the artistic ship has sailed, remember), although I hope for Gareth Edwards’ sake that the changes benefit the finished product and don’t lead to years of bad blood and recriminations. As much as Disney screwing it up so soon would be a vindication for a certain point of view, it’s definitely not in the best interests of the short to mid-term health of the franchise.

Whatever happens with the film, the trailer looks good. Of course, we’ve been burned by that before