Positive Fandom: A Trip to Takodana

Positive Fandom: A Trip to Takodana

16/09/2018 0 By JoeB1

With a series as expansive as Star Wars, there are opportunities around the world to visit the real-life locations that bring these stories to life. The UK has many such places for fans to go, from A New Hope to Solo, and this weekend my wife and I were lucky enough to visit Puzzlewood in Gloucestershire – otherwise known as the woods of Takodana in The Force Awakens.

This Much Green in All the Galaxy…

Puzzlewood is a small area of ancient woodland tucked away in the beautiful Forest of Dean. From the moment you step down into the wood itself, it’s easy to see how the place inspired not only JJ Abrams, but JRR Tolkein as well.

True to its name, Puzzlewood can be tricky to navigate at first. A series of pathways take you through natural rock formations and moss-covered trees, and the winding paths make it a challenge to find your bearings. Each different avenue brings you to a bridge or set of steps that you think are new, before a rock formation or toadstool growth makes you realise you’ve already been there (or vice versa).

This puzzling nature, along with the four-year gap between filming and our own visit, made it difficult to spot exactly which trail was used for which scene. Yet with help from YouTuber paulcan38, we were eventually able to figure it out as we went…

The easiest area to identify was the gulley that Rey and BB-8 run across when the First Order arrive. Proving the appeal of the location, the production team for Sky’s Britannia series were still packing up from their own shoot when we arrived.


Puzzlewood is truly a distinctive part of the world. Whether you love Star Wars, rambling around the magical medieval landscape, or even pretending to be an Ewok on the tall bridges and walkways, it’s a great few hours out if you find yourself in the area. The fact that there are kids running around swinging toy lightsabers makes it all the more endearing…

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