The Force Awakens: A Star Wars Celebration

The Force Awakens: A Star Wars Celebration

16/04/2015 0 By JoeB1

Yep. We’re home.

Live at Celebration and streamed to computers around the world, the second The Force Awakens trailer got its premiere today, and man did it take my breath away. The first thing that got me was the sheer scale of that crashed Star Destroyer… and I was on tenterhooks from there on in.

And that’s been the same every single time I’ve watched it since.

From “best frickin’ pilot in the galaxy” Poe Dameron to the incredible sight of Han and Chewie back together again, this is Star Wars. And it’s great to have it back.


And we have to be grateful to Disney and Verizon because how good is the live streaming for the Celebration event? There were a few technical glitches on my end, to begin with, but once I was up and running it was great to be able to feel a part of it all. And speaking of technical marvels, how good is BB-8 – and in real life?! I really wasn’t expecting that, but it was a joy to behold.

Anyway, the nature of the event meant that me and another orange-coloured fan favourite could enjoy the show whilst still being productive around the house…

Jar Jar Binks, The Force Awakens and me. Green Card Back - Star Wars Action Figures 1995 - 2000

Cooking with the Binks – Jar Jar Binks

That’s how mesa roll.

Whatever happens with the finished film, having the opportunity to feel as thrilled about the franchise again as I do right now is already exciting enough. Let’s hope they bring it home…