The Hype of Skywalker Begins!

The Hype of Skywalker Begins!

21/11/2019 0 By JoeB1

With just one month to the release of The Rise of Skywalker, Lucasfilm have finally started to crank up the marketing. This week saw the release of a new TV spot, several gorgeous posters and a host of photos.

Scroll on through to see the good stuff!

First of all let’s take a look at that TV spot:

It’s certainly more action-packed than anything else we’ve seen yet. It also still appears to tie closely to the leaks that have been floating around on Reddit for the last month or so, which is… well, at this point is just something we’re going to have to wait and see about.

Anyway. You may remember how striking the posters for The Last Jedi were – well, The Rise of Skywalker has taken it up a notch again. First up we have this amazing illustration picturing Poe Dameron’s lone X-Wing against a fleet of Star Destroyers:

Rise of Skywalker Poster - X-Wing vs Star Destroyer | Green Card Back

And that’s not all. Just yesterday Lucasfilm launched the new range of character posters for the film and they are utterly gorgeous. Check out the selection below and see what I mean…

Pretty cool, huh? If you like what you see then check out the the official Star Wars site for more.

Finally, US magazine Entertainment Weekly revealed a series of new images from the film, giving us a good look at Richard E. Grant’s Allegiant General Pryde in a photo that looks made for his eventual Vintage Collection figure card back…

First Order Allegient General Pryde | Green Card Back

The teasers, posters and pictures are all great, seriously. And with so much goodwill around the fandom thanks to The Mandalorian and Jedi: Fallen Order, there really couldn’t have been a better time for Lucasfilm to launch a charm offensive.

All that said, I’m still not really excited for The Rise of Skywalker, at least nowhere near as much as I want to be. I still have tickets for the midnight screening but unlike last time no tickets for the next day. And I have significantly lowered expectations but I’m still hoping, hope against hope, for something that feels like Star Wars that I can, at the very least, enjoy. I want to be a fan through and through. I want to love this film and see it pull the Sequel Trilogy together satisfactorily. I want to be able to justify to myself dropping a ton to buy Poe Dameron’s X-Wing in the Vintage Collection.

I’m not expecting to love The Rise of Skywalker, but I want to. So far, at the very least, I know I really like the posters.