The Redemption of Kylo Ren

The Redemption of Kylo Ren

13/12/2019 0 By JoeB1


The last trailer for The Rise of Skywalker has dropped, and from here it certainly looks amazing. The production standards have never been in doubt with these films, and once again it’s clear that there is a wealth of talent working in the costume and SFX departments at Lucasfilm.

Speaking of a wealth of talent, both Adam Driver and Ian McDiarmid are amongst the stand-out actors of the entire franchise. Seeing them share a screen should be *ahem* electrifying.

Scroll on down for the trailer and some non-spoiler thoughts!

“At last… my boy.”

So there we go. What are your thoughts? Are you more excited about the film yet?

Production quality aside the trailer raises some serious questions – and not ones I think fans will like the answers to.

The biggest issue with the trailer is that by going full SPECTRE and claiming Palpatine was behind Ben’s fall all along, it’s opening the door not only for the redemption of Kylo Ren – but the out and out absolution of Ben Solo.

This can’t happen.

Redemption is one thing, and if they take that route I will have no problem as long as it’s well done. But if the film tries to tell us that Ben wasn’t responsible for his actions and that everything was Palpatine’s fault then I will cry foul.

After all, Kylo Ren is a character that has:

  • Murdered his own father
  • Murdered in cold blood and ordered the execution of innocents
  • Murdered multiple soldiers in combat
  • Murdered his evil master to stage a coup
  • Tortured prisoners
  • Stood by the First Order for the obliteration of billions in the Hosnian system

This is beyond absolution by any measure – especially for a fairytale.

And this is what worries me about the trailer. The dark side of the Force isn’t a corrupting parasite. It’s a well of raw, unsympathetic power that Force users can tap into by choice or without control. The Empire Strikes Back is about Luke learning this the hard way. More pertinently the prequels are about the corruption of the good man Anakin Skywalker, not his possession by “the bad Force”.

We don’t yet know how the film is going to shake out so caution is advised. However, George Lucas was very careful with his morals. His sense of right and wrong and of personal responsibility is as much the core of the saga as anything else.

And that’s why I can safely say that any attempt to portray Kylo Ren as a victim and absolve him for his actions will be the final betrayal of Star Wars itself.