The Rian Johnson News

The Rian Johnson News

11/11/2017 0 By JoeB1

It’s crazy the difference five years makes.

On October 30th 2012, the news that Disney had purchased Star Wars and intended to produce a new trilogy dominated news cycles. Now, just two films later, the news that Rian Johnson has free rein to helm a trilogy of his own barely gets a look in (although, to be fair, Western democracy has steadily collapsed in the meantime).

But it’s still big news for Star Wars fans all the same.

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Back in 2012 when the Sequel Trilogy was announced I was one of a few voices calling for a new story removed from the Skywalkers. It was a point-of-view sadly vindicated by the way JJ Abrams so badly mishandled the legacy characters in The Force Awakens.

It’s the lack of foundation that makes the idea of Rian Johnson’s trilogy so appealing – the idea of seeing something creative and new against the backdrop we know and love so much. It’s the reason why Rogue One worked so well, and something I’m keen to see more of – so Johnson has that on his side from the start.

But do we have any idea what he’s going to do yet? The answer is, unfortunately, a resounding no. It’s hard to imagine a Star Wars film set around the Empire with absolutely no reference to the Skywalkers – but then, by referring to the films as taking place in their own corner of the universe, we could be dealing with a story set anywhere from the unknown regions to a different time period altogether.

It is potentially interesting that in his own statement Johnson expressed excitement for continuing the work he’s started. Whether that means continuing to develop the mythos of the Jedi Order or simply continuing to work on the Star Wars franchise, we’ll have to wait to find out.


Speaking of which – it’s now just over a month until The Last Jedi, Johnson’s first Star Wars film hits release, and last week Lucasfilm dropped the first TV spot…

I don’t know about you, but seeing Luke back in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon sure stirred up some emotions.

The timing of this week’s announcement couldn’t be more perfect as the hype starts to build for The Last Jedi. Lest we forget the cruel lesson of two years ago, before Johnson gets a whole trilogy right he still needs to show his skills with a single film.

The wait goes on!