4 Reasons Why Solo: A Star Wars Story Might Not Suck

4 Reasons Why Solo: A Star Wars Story Might Not Suck

18/10/2017 0 By JoeB1

The Han Solo anthology film finally has a title, folks… And it is just as inspired as the idea of a Harrison Ford-less Han Solo origin story…

Solo: A Star Wars Story is brought to us by director Ron Howard and the father/son writing team of Lawrence and Jon Kasdan (although given the senior Kasdan’s involvement in The Force Awakens this isn’t exactly a positive). It’s scheduled for release on 25th May 2018, AKA the original Star Wars day.

After reading the announcement last night even my wife, who isn’t a huge Star Wars fan, commented on how uninspired the name is.

Of course, despite the fired directors, the dodgy writers, the unnecessary concept and the bland name, there are still reasons to be optimistic for Solo… right?

Sure there are! And since you asked, here are a few hot takes on why Solo: A Star Wars Story might not be a complete disaster…

1. Ron Howard


Let’s start at the top: Ron Howard is a guy who knows how to make good films. He doesn’t always hit it out the park (I gather that his Dan Brown adaptations are a bit on the pedestrian side) but this is the man who gave us Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Frost/Nixon and Rush.

In fact, Howard is the most critically acclaimed director to ever take to the Star Wars universe. And when you factor in his lifelong friendship with George Lucas, we can even begin to hope that Solo threads as close to the spirit of the original story as Rogue One achieved.

2. The Return of Lando

Donald Glover

We missed many things about the Original Trilogy in The Force Awakens – in-universe storytelling integrity, political context, consistent characterisation – but one thing that many wanted but probably wouldn’t have worked in practice was an appearance by that old smoothie, Lando Calrissian.

The Original Trilogy era, on the other hand, is the perfect time frame to see Lando back in action. The casting of Donald Glover as young Lando is absolutely perfect – he nails the look, and I’m sure he’ll capture the attitude as well. And if we get to see half of the events alluded to in The Empire Strikes Back, it’ll be an entertaining hour and a half, at least.

3. Special FX


This brings us on to the FX. While the worlds of TFA felt set-like and small, Rogue One gave us an expanded Star Wars universe that felt more real than anything we’d seen since 1983. If Solo, set in the Original Trilogy era, continues this blend of practical FX and CGI any dramatic set pieces (Kessel Run, anyone?) are going to be well worth seeing on the big screen.

4. Rogue One


Of course, the biggest reason to hope that Solo might work is that the first Star Wars spin-off film, Rogue One, was so very good.

At the moment Disney is one for two with their offerings. The Last Jedi is starting with the handicap of working with the mess that The Force Awakens left, but the early signs are that it looks decent at least. And it may just be that, when working within the constraints of the Original Trilogy era, Disney doesn’t have the leeway to screw things up that much.


Well, at least that’s what we hope. We probably won’t see any footage until after The Last Jedi drops in December, and we won’t know conclusively until May. But until then, just remember that there are at least a few reasons to be cheerful for Solo!